Dagnabbit. We’re super bummed to hear your shades are having a rough go. Fear not, though. We offer a 1-year warranty for manufacturer defects on all of our glasses!

Examples of what we cover...

  • Peeling/delamination of the lens.
  • Bubbles or imperfections in the lens coating.
  • Flaking or deterioration of the lens coating. 
  • Frame breakage through normal use.


Examples of what we DON'T cover...

  • Normal wear and tear like lens scratches.
  • Damage from being run over by a car, jetski, unicycle, etc.  
  • Damage caused by chemicals like hair spray, cologne, window cleaner, and alcohol. (Even if it's top-shelf.)
  • Intentional abuse or damage to the frames. (But we are truly impressed by your Gallagher routine.)
  • Squeaky hinges (We sadly have little to no control over the primary culprit, atmospheric pressure.)
  • If you want to read all the nitty-gritty, see our Terms and Conditions.


You can go directly to the warranty claims portal by tossing portal powder into your fireplace and whispering, “Warantiam petitio.” Or just click below.

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